Enclosures for seismic and nuclear applications 

Enclosures for seismic and nuclear applications

Special enclosures designed for nuclear power stations and areas of seismic activity. Customized to provide specific seismic and nuclear solutions.

Electrical parameters

  • nominal voltage 1000 VAC
  • admissible load 2500 A

Mechanical properties

  • level of protection IP 43
  • interior application
  • weight 230-250 kg
  • admissible load 300 kg

Natural frequency test

The test was conducted by wobble sinusoid vibrations in the frequency of 2 Hz -100 Hz, constant accelleration amplitude 0,2 g, with wobble speed of 1oct/min in all three dimensions (X,Y,Z).
Examination was carried out after test completion. No mechanical defect was found along with confirmation of withstanding capability.

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