Healthcare and pharmacy                    

Management and maintenance of pharmaceuticals and medical facilities and their equipment.

In the non-medical area alone, hospital administrators must ensure the quality and cost-effective delivery of services such as managing the facility, maintaining clinical equipment, safeguarding the hospital, feeding patients and employees, and providing a comfortable environment.

Outsourcing maintenance services to EQUANS:

  • helps maximize the life and performance of health care facilities by developing cost-saving initiatives that manage energy, labour and materials,
  • provides greater control and monitoring thru the elaboration of asset registers and the use of EQUANS’s CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) software – AFM from Alstanet,
  • supports operational budgeting, controlling and investment planning,
  • ensures full compliance of the healthcare facilities with Life & Safety regulation, environmental laws and local codes.

EQUANS focuses on ensuring the business continuity of healthcare facilities by:

  • agreeing Service Level Agreements (SLA) defining reaction times, mobilization of trades,
  • operating the facilities so the required climatic conditions and air quality are permanently met,
  • focusing on preventative actions minimizing shutdowns and unavailability of equipments,
  • preparing crisis management plans.


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