Hotels and hospitality                           

Technical management of hotels and hospitality facilities with an emphasis on client comfort and security.

We are a leader in delivering Technical Facility Management services to luxury hotels. Our long lasting experience in servicing hotels focuses on the safety and comfort of hotel guests by:

  • ensuring the maintenance and operations of Back-of-the-house technologies,
  • performing routine checks and touch-up in all public areas and guestrooms,
  • fulfilling local Hygiene, Health & Safety and Fire Protection norms and codes,
  • integrating and following hotel operators international standards and manuals.

Our dedicated management team regularly reports on:

  • energies consumptions against occupancy levels, conferences and banquets attendance,
  • the status of the technologies including investment recommendation and confrontation between OPEX/CAPEX,
  • Health, Fire, Life & Safety findings and issues,
  • the contractually agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPI).


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