Enclosures and panels EQUANS            

Thanks to its own technology, EQUANS manufactures panels that meet the highest standards worldwide.

Enclosures and panels Cofely

Each enclosure is made from customized bended and perforated profiles which enable us to meet individual requirements as well as any non-standard size solutions.

EQUANS is certified partner

  • Temperature rise test
  • Short circuit test
  • Voltage pulse test
  • Protection (IP) testing
  • EMC electromagnetic attenuation test
  • Earthquake resistance test

EQUANS manufactures and supplies the following types of switchboard enclosures:

Standard AR enclosures including accessories >>

Open modular system with optional configuration of enclosures that meet specific operating requirements.

AR enclosures in 4b form>>

System allowing for configuration of enclosures that meet specific operating requirements.

AR enclosures - EMC version >>

Enclosures with a good level of shielding against electromagnetic interference.

AR enclosures - tropical, stainless version >>

For humid conditions or for agressive environments

Enclosures for seismic and nuclear applications >>

Special enclosures designed for nuclear power stations and areas of seismic activity.

AE enclosures - wall design>>

Variable compact cabinet system.


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