Public sector                                         

Technical and maintenance services provided for the public sector.

Public services and facilities are managed for social results and must maintain a strong financial performance while achieving primary social goals such as equity, access, community accountability, environmental responsibility and equal opportunity.

EQUANS FM solutions for the public sector are not only about organisational effectiveness, but also about public service and responsibility. our know-how contributes to anticipate public needs, to identify the contribution that facilities make to public service, and to manage for the effective use of public assets and resources.

EQUANS is a safe and reliable partner for the public sector:

  • we focus on the safety of the facilities’ operations,
  • our staff are regularly trained,
  • our know-how ensures the respect of procedures, thr maintainance of the documentation and the delivery of the agreed reporting.


Direct contact

EQUANS Optimal s.r.o.
Tel. +420 222 590 510

EQUANS Facility s.r.o.
Tel. +420 267 054 816