Building Technologies                            

We deliver design, realization and service of light current and heavy current technologies for modern commercial, industrial and public buildings.

Building technologies

Technical Equipment of Buildings

EQUANS provide comprehensive solutions for heavy-current and weak-current technologies, from projects, supplies and the implementation thereof (including the SW), up to subsequent maintenance and servicing. EQUANS specializes in comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

Power – heavy-current installations on a turnkey basis (including project preparation). The supplies start at the distribution lines of the companies operating the distribution network in the area in question. EQUANS supplies and connects high-voltage substations and transformers with the required capacity, and low-voltage lines all the way to the end users. Within the project, EQUANS connects the controls, lighting, power sockets and other technological equipment. EQUANS also supplies lighting control systems in the LEED mode, which are currently in high demanded.

Power – weak-current installations, including projects, particularly supplies of electronic fire alarm systems, evacuation and commercial sound systems in buildings, electronic security systems, attendance and access systems, camera surveillance systems, and telephone and data lines, including the delivery and activation of the active elements of the PBX supplies, including user programming and the installation of satellite and television systems.

Systems for building management, particularly heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. EQUANS also supplies visualization and graphic user-friendly applications as add-ons for control and monitoring systems.