Developing electromobility is one of the EQUANS Group's priorities. Clean and quiet electric cars are CO2-friendly and in many countries have tax benefits that make them financially attractive in the long run. In order to guarantee their intense deployment, it is necessary to develop a dense network of charging stations to allow users to use the power grids without problems.

Electromobility ENGIE

Studies expect that by 2030 electric cars could represent two-thirds of all cars in large cities. Czech Republic aims to build 1200 recharging stations by 2020. In EQUANS we are ready for this intensive development so that we can provide our customer with the best technical solution.

In the field of electromobility we provide:

• own technical, design and engineering background
• quality partners for HW and SW equipment
• charging equipment, accessories, wiring
• installation, commissioning - power removal, installation and wiring, construction and related work, commissioning, revision, service
• engineering - building permits, easements, negotiation with landowners, negotiations with energy providers, subsidy proceedings
• financial and subsidy consulting
• Know-how thanks to realized projects - 5,400 installed charging stations in Europe within the EQUANS Group

Electromobility ENGIE