Energy Services                                     

In the field of energy services, we are committed to find long-term energy efficiency concept for our customers by means of reduction of long-run costs, compliance with the existing regulations, reduction of emissions and by other means of energy efficiency.

Energy services ENGIE

EQUANS offer the following services in energy field:

  • energy consulting
  • energy controlling
  • energy audit – assessment of current status, identification of most efficient savings and proposal of measures resulting in decrease of demands, calculation of foreseen investment costs
  • financing – co-financing possibilities or financing from savings
  • proposal  and implementation of technical solution
  • operation and maintenance – secures comprehensive care for equipment including its control, operation, maintenance and professional service
  • alternative energy sources – professional consulting, operation, monitoring and project evaluation

Basic Procedure

  • on-site inspection, receipt of input data
  • implementation of technical and economical audit
  • consultancy with customer and approval by customer
  • contract signature
  • preparation of design documentation
  • professional supervision during implementation of work
  • re-monitoring and project evaluation