Technical and Facility Management      

Complex technical and facility management necessary for efficient and economical management of industrial premises and buildings. Taking advantage of professional technical background, we operate and evaluate the processes and management with regard to the project implementation stage and individual customer requirements.

Our areas of operation:

Industry & Logistic >> in this area, we offer outsourcing of support activities to companies, thus enabling industrial sites, factories, plants, and logistics headquarters to fully focus on their own core business and economic core business activities.

We have extensive experience in caring for Commercial and office buildings >>, shopping malls, retail stores or bank branch networks.


For Hotels and hospitality facilities >>  we provide technical real estate management services for major accommodation facilities.

The public service sector >> is very specific in its demands for maintenance and technical services.


Challenging conditions of healthcare and pharmacy >> are a prestigious matter for EQUANS. Increased demands of customers in this field confirm the high qualification and competence of our employees.

Our solutions:

EQUANS provides maintenance and professional >> inspection activities both within entire projects and independently as a service to external clients from the ranks of energy, industrial and construction companies, architectural offices and end customers. Thanks to its experience across a wide range of projects supplied from A to Z, EQUANS has a team of experts in high-current and low-current technologies, M&A, industrial automation, control cabinets and control systems.

We provide Audits & Consulting >> and help developers, owners, managers and operators with the evaluation and creation of real estate management strategies and processes.

We have extensive experience in providing Technical Facility Management >>.

We perform full Facility Management >> and take care of key services provided through other proven companies.


Direct contact

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Tel. +420 222 590 510

EQUANS Facility s.r.o.
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