Technical Facility Management             

Integrated facility management of buildings, industrial plants and technology under one roof.

Technical Facility Management

EQUANS disposes of an extensive experience in delivering Technical Facility Management services. As a skilled technical company, EQUANS partners with its customers while:

  • ensuring the safe and comfortable operation and maintenance of all technical equipment of the facilities,
  • providing building maintenance general services,
  • managing and optimizing all costs related to technical building operation,
  • ensuring the performance of all mandatory actions related to the building operation.

EQUANS’s skilled and regularly trained staffs of technicians and specialists dispose of the most modern equipment to perform on:

  • low and high voltage equipment,
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment,
  • plumbing and canalizations,
  • fire and Life Safety equipment,
  • mechanical and industrial equipment.

Furthermore, EQUANS disposes of a CAFM software: the AFM application from Alstanet.


EQUANS’s range of Technical Facility Management services comprises:

Technical services

  • day to day operation: programming daily functions, managing the Building Management System, checking-up of the equipment, recording of technical data,
  • preventive maintenance: regular inspection, check-up, preventive technical operations,
  • round the clock central dispatching: 24/365 available in house technical help desk,
  • non stop emergency service: identification of the problem, repairing, taking appropriate measures to avoid further damages,
  • repairs & installations: identification of the need, design, quotation, sourcing of the components, sourcing of the manpower, execution, training, handover,
  • mandatory inspections: binding inspections and revisions of selected technology equipment set by standards and regulations,
  • general overhaul: large revision operations and general repairs performed within intervals as per manufacturer recommendations,
  • spare parts & consumables.

Technical administrative services

  • energies control & management,
  • fire protection & safety at work,
  • technical survey and assets appraisal,
  • claims and warranties management,
  • midterm and long range budget planning.

Added values

EQUANS’s Technical FM services bring the following added-value benefits:

  • assets preservation and evaluation,
  • cost transparency and budget visibility,
  • full compliance toward Fire, Life, Health and Environmental safety codes,
  • business continuity,
  • long term partnership,
  • double-win approach.


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