Comprehensive energy solutions         

EQUANS offers project and energy consulting, electrical installations in the industrial and energy sectors, smart building technologies, complete realization of plants, engineering, automation, and technical facility management. We run our own facilities for manufacturing panels up to 1000V. We also provide maintenance services, facility management and energy services to enhace energy efficiency for our clients. 

Energy infrastructure ENGIE

EQUANS is an expert in capital construction and general overhaul; the construction, redevelopment, repairs and servicing of substations, switching stations and transformer stations; and the installation of cables and supplies and installation of electrical units. EQUANS also offers consulting and advisory activities and servicing and repairs of electrical equipment.

Building technologies ENGIE

EQUANS offers and implements complete designing works, consultancy and advisory services in scopes of electric installations for all types of buildings, including energy audits, and the introduction and supervision of energy performance.

Industry automation ENGIE

We provide comprehensive solutions in the area of design, supplies and service of industrial automation and industrial operations, including the production and installation of switchboards up to 1000 V.

Production of switchboards ENGIE

EQUANS manufactures and installs low-voltage (LW) switchboards up to 1000 V. The switchboards are assembled according to the customer’s specification and are equipped with components of reputable manufacturers.

Technical and facility services ENGIE

Comprehensive technical and facility services necessary for the effective and economical operation of facilities. Taking advantage of its strong technical and professional resources, EQUANS is able to synergistically control and evaluate operation with respect to the status of the project and the client’s individual needs.

Green solutions ENGIE

Activities focused on increasing energy efficiency and clean energy solutions - electromobility and energy services. EQUANS's strategy is based on the principles of energy efficiency and sustainability. That is why in the Czech Republic we come up with a number of solutions that change the way energy is used.